Amber Noiles



 NCCP Certified Coach

 Emergency First Aid and CPR

 BCRPA Certified Personal Training

 BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Instructor

 BCRPA Certified Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist

Certified TRX Instructor

Certified Cardio Kick Boxing Instructor

as well as various recreational certificates.

"Consistency. Dedication. Determination"

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A little bit about me...

          I have been active in the fitness industry all my life. I have participated in a variety of fitness activities and sports. I have been involved in soccer, basketball, cheerleading,  rugby,  hiking and outdoor fitness activities. I’ve tried it all! In high school I picked a few sports to focus on and excel in which were soccer, rugby, and basketball. I have participated in these games for fun, and at an elite level. I held leadership roles as captain for many years on different teams in basketball and soccer. I was a starter for the regional rugby team two years in a row. Sadly I had to decline the offer due to a back injury from a car accident.


          As for that injury I learned a new way to express my passion through sports and fitness by becoming a Fitness Leader, Trainer and Coach. I have won many awards for all my skills as well as my leadership over the years (MVP, ALLSTAR, Most Sportsmanlike, Most inspirational…etc). It has always been my passion to share my knowledge, experience and motivation with others to live their dreams, whether it is through a sport or to achieve a happier, healthier lifestyle. I show this by devoting my time to coaching sports teams, volunteering at sports community events, and training youth and adults. Let me help you be fit, healthy and happy with yourself!