Dale Fitzgerald

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ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

"Lifestyle. Energy. Results!"

Email - dale@slammersgym.ca

"My own personal fitness journey started when I was very young and, almost four decades later, there's nothing that makes me happier than helping other people achieve their wellness goals. In sessions with my clients, I focus on proper technique so as to maximize gains and minimize the risk of injury. My extensive experience working with fitness equipment has given me finely-calibrated instincts when it comes to setting weight levels that are just where they need to be for a client to make incremental progress. 


Of course, the mental component of training is extremely important also. As a former bodybuilding competitor, I'm well-versed in the mechanics of inspiration and resolve. And as a former participant in the world powerlifting championships, I'm intimately familiar with the adamantine discipline necessary to achieve results.


I practice what I preach, and I'm pleased to offer tips on not only exercise, but also diet and lifestyle. Would you like to change your body and your life? All right then. Let's do this!"