How to set and achieve your goals- without motivation or willpower!

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Now that you’re all set up at the gym, it’s time to set some goals and start achieving them!

First off, let’s talk about why we set goals. Setting goals is an important part of life, they give us something to strive towards. Setting health and fitness goals is a fantastic way to continuously improve and become the best version of ourselves!

I’m not a huge fan of typical goal setting, you know, where you step on the scale and say you want to lose 10lbs, or you decide you want to eat better. These are what I refer to as surface goals- they’re what you’re “supposed” to say when someone asks you why you’re working out and they don't hold much meaning.

Heck, when I hired my own trainer I said the same thing, because that’s what we’re taught to say.

I’m not about that life though. I’m all about digging deeper. I want to know WHY you want to lose weight and eat healthier.

Let’s dive into the WHY. Grab a piece of paper and go through these questions.

Why do I want to lose Xlbs/tone/wear size X?

How will I feel once I’ve achieved my goal?

What will be different about my life when I lose the weight?

What thoughts will I think?

What activities will I be doing?

What does eating healthier look like to me?

How will exercising and eating healthy change my life?

Think about where you will be 3, 6, 12 months from now; how is your life different? Write it out in present tense, ie:

“September 2019

I am confident in my body. I eat foods that fuel me and make me feel energized. I workout because it makes me stronger. I play with my kids without feeling winded. I walk up the stairs with ease.”

I prefer using your why to define your goals because you are in control of those outcomes. You can’t always control your weight, and it’s often not the best indicator of progress; whereas you can control how you feel, the thoughts you think, and the activities that you do.

Now that you’ve gone through these questions, and written about how your life is now that you’ve started achieving your goals, put them anywhere you can see them. The bathroom mirror, the fridge/pantry door, on your phone.

Setting constant reminders of your WHY is what keeps you motivated, because I’ll tell you right now, there will be days or weeks where you just don’t want to. You won’t want to workout, eat your veggies, or drink all the water. Days where you’re going to feel like giving up, and if you’re not strongly connected to why you’re on this journey, you’re more likely to fall off track.

Now let’s talk about willpower. Willpower takes a lot of effort, a lot of thought, and a lot of energy.

At the beginning of your journey, willpower is strong. You’re motivated and excited, rearing to go; but just like I said before, you’re going to have days where you just don’t want to do it. So how do you get past that?

Plan in advance. Stop leaving decisions to the last minute, because I’ll tell you right now, that’s when willpower will fail you.

Plan your meals, plan your workouts, schedule them into your calendar and treat them like the most important meeting with yourself. You can even take it one step further and prep your food.

Essentially you want to make your life easier by creating habits that you don’t need to think about. Your brain likes habits, it likes autopilot, so start spending a couple minutes at the beginning of the week and end of your day to plan in advance.

Weekly planning: I like to spend 10 minutes on Sunday taking a look at the week ahead. I plan out my family’s meals, roughly plan out my workouts, and get mine and my family's schedule in order. I take a look at any events that are coming up so that I can accommodate them into my schedule.

Daily planning: Every night before bed I take 5 minutes to look over the next day. I refer back to my weekly plan and schedule the next day based off of that. I schedule in my workouts and meals around the various things that need to get done.

40 minutes out of your week dedicated to planning in advance will save you hours of mulling around trying to figure out a healthy dinner, when and what you're going to do for your workouts; not to mention the stress you'll leave behind because you've already figured it out!

Don't wait until Sunday- start today and plan for tomorrow! Seriously, try it, it's been the #1 thing that keeps me organized and on track as a busy, entrepreneurial mom who has some big audacious goals.

There you have it, I hope these tools help you create a lifestyle that you love!

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